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Listed below are some of the hottest and stylish swimsuit brands located in Los Angeles, California



beach bunny swimwear in los angeles beach bunny swimwear in los angeles beach bunny swimwear in los angeles

Beach Bunny Swimwear empowers women to show off their bodies, feel sexy and confident, glamorous, flirty and fun all at the same time. Designed by Angela Chittenden, a former swimsuit model, who has had the chance to wear hundreds of different suits. She searched for unique fabrics, experimented with sexy cuts, added embellishments and hardware no one had ever thought to add to swimsuits before. Rather than looking at other swimwear designer lines, she found inspiration in the bedroom, blending elements of upscale lingerie into her styles.




chynna dolls swimwear in los angeles chynna dolls swimwear logo chynna dolls bikinis in los angeles

Chynna Dolls mission is to provide women a unique look that is exotic and seductive. Chynna Dolls swimsuit designs transcend the mundane mainstream prints and colors, to bring women styles that pop out of a crowd. The design while stylish does not sacrifice function and flattery. With over 20 years of experience and refinement, Chynna Dolls products redefine the shape of a women’s body by lifting key areas, and accentuating the most necessary curves of her body. The result is not just sexy, it is hypnotic.